Thursday, 29 May 2008

Believe The Hype

Went to Tom Humberstone and Dan Hancox's "My Fellow Americans" book launch last night. Great little pub in King's Cross called the Cross Kings (ha!). The whole LUC gang was down, with Sean Azzopardi out-dressing us all. Sly dawg.
Great music, sexy people and I gave Tom his Eagle Award too.

Tom's gonna be at No Barcodes along with a load of other ridiculously talented comicbook making peoples. Sir David Baillie has conducted inteviews with some of them on a variety of UK indie comics websites. Check 'em out yo:

Francesca Cassavetti
Dan Lester
Ben Powis
Andy Luke
Josceline Fenton
Tom Humberstone
Paul Rainey
Sean Azzopardi

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